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Monday, March 4, 2013

Horrorifically unscary

Hello good people of earth. Last night I watched a movie called Battleship. It was an utter disappointment. Not once did anyone say "you sunk my battleship!" plus every one spoke in an over dramatic tone. It was really stupid, but rather entertaining for all it's idiocy.
In other news, I have my book club to day, super excited. I read a book called "the secret of the sirens" it was pretty good, recommended to me by Cookie's sister. I am now reading a book called The Darkest Minds. It is very good, and rather freaky  but I love it. Although, Ironicaly, I read a book called The Prophet of Yonwood, and it freaked me out. Diseases that take out all of Americas children? Great! Books about elderly prophets and little girls? Terrifying. I once read a book that freaked me out so bad, I couldn't look at the moon for a month. Really it's rare for a book to freak me out like that. There's only a few. The Prophet of Yonwood, Life as We Knew It, and um... there was another one but I can't remember it.
I'm supposed to read The Forest of Hands and Teeth by May, (the month) but I'm slightly afraid too, as it is about zombies, and I am not a fan of Zombies. Ok, yes, this is the same girl who claims she can make a zombie apocalypse, that doesn't mean I actually want to! World War Z scarred me for life! I never actually read the book, but the Trailer gave me the creeps. Commercials have a good ability to freak me out too. Contagion freaked me out really bad. 2012 was awful. And World War Z. And there was this one from when I was younger, I don't remember what it was called, but it was all like, "based on a true story." yeah... It was called, The true story of Rose something-or-other. But then other horror movie trailers I watch and I'm just like, really? Chernobyl Diaries? Really? Anyway.... Well, gotta go, enjoy you're day, I'm going to! Bye! Bri π

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