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Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Lovely Time with Cookie.

Just so you know, threatening people while having a mouth full of toast, makes you sound less threatening. It's very true.
Yesterday the universe decided to be nice to me. I went to the library, while still only number two on the waiting lit for something, and i went to look t the holds an there it was!! My book! (Well actually it was a tv show, and a book) and i literally whisper yelled "take that universe!"
Today I have a friend over. It's Cookie. She says hi and also that there is ice in her cup. Last night we stayed up watching Psych. It was fun. I mean, what could be better than staying up late watching Psych? Well, perhaps Doctor Who. Or reading.
The other day i was watching InuYasha, and this girl had a cat and it made this awful noise, like a large metal thing going through a blender. And the girl acted like it was totally normal. And i was just sitting there in shock, like "thats not what a cat sounds like!"
Cookie says she owns the internet. The internet is very big, as Cookie says. She drew a pig, and she says it looks like a potato. Yay potato pig!!
Hi im cookie! Surprisingly i dont like cookies. Though i do like pie. Yummy! Im sitting in a chair. It is a lovely chair its name is fred. It shall be my fred chair forever! Be free fred the chair!
And that was a lovely little piece from Cookie. Cookie and I must now go track down Fred the chair, as she let it go free, and it took that literally and ran away. Thanks for reading, Bri Piaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh..... (The chair got her)
And Cookie.

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