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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Weird things I've said in my sleep.

Yeah I talk in my sleep. Some times I even sing and laugh. I'm great fun at sleep overs. My cousins will let me fall asleep only to wake me up and tell me what I said and did. so here is a list of the weird things i have sayd and done in my sleep.
1. Through a Pillow Pet at my cousin.
2. Informed my cousins Harry Potter was a fuzzy pickle.
3. Said there was a mandarin in my closet.
4. Screamed that an edible dorm mouse was going to eat me.
5. Sang Jesus loves me.
6. Said look at the flying Cheetos.
7. Got up in the middle of the night and kept asking my dad if he forgot JJ. Then I went back to bed.
8. Yelled about spiders.
9. Kicked and punched my cousin.
10. I kissed a fish pillow.
Yep I did all these things in my sleep. I know weird. I really enjoy hearing what I have said or done in my sleep. Well bye, Bri!

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