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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Why is it so hard to find a pure bred dauchshound for free!?

My parents told me that we cant have another dog. Unless it was a female, dappled, short hair, dachshund with papers, for free. Then we can have a third dog. My moms favorite dog is a dappled dachshund. That is why it has to be a dappled short hair dachshund. The female part is because we don't want it to pee all over the place. No marking in the house. Amazingly, its really hard to find a dappled, short hair, dachshund for free with papers. I wonder why?

Today I found some books about how to make animals look real at the library *sigh* witch means I have to give them back. :( That makes me sad because they are really helpful. I drew a dachshund (dappled of course) that looked pretty good. I mean it had muscle and bones and shading. It showed me how to start it. Then I just went from there. I also got a book called "Animal Anatomy for Artists" which is also really helpful. Well I guess that's all I have to say because I need to make dinner now, Bye Bri!

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