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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dyslexia a gift and a curse.

  So the other day me and Neg were at McDonald's, and Neg was trying to read the signs on the windows backwards. So one said, "Every Night, Teachers Night." and Neg could not figure out what it said. She kept reading Nights as Nigits. She was very confused. "Nigit, what is a Nigit?" she said. I looked at the sign and I could read it perfectly, being dyslexic, and said "Neg the sign says,'Nights' not 'Nigits'" she looked at the sign and said "Oh. Bri you are so lucky your dyslexic!" My mom looked at her funny, then went back to eating. I guess it's kind of a gift and a curse, because I can read things in mirrors and on windows, but sometimes I don't even realize its backwards.there are lots of people who have dyslexia or had dyslexia and look how they turned out. 
 Being dyslexic isn't really all that it seems to be. We aren't idiots. We just have problems with words and letters and numbers. Lots of famous people are dyslexic. There's Orlando Bloom, also his co-star for Pirates of the Caribbean, Kira Knightly is dyslexic. My dad said it must have been interesting when they both were on set. Walt Disney was dyslexic. The Steve Jobs guy was dyslexic, and look at Apple. Henry Ford, the car man, was dyslexic. Tom Cruise is dyslexic, to learn his lines he listen to them on tape.

Like I said we aren't idiots. Just because we have issues with letters and numbers and things doesn't mean we cant be what we want to be. I am going to be a zoologist, a dyslexic zoologist. I will be the first famous dyslexic Zoologist.  I will have to do lots of math. I am not going to let that stop me. Sure sometimes numbers decide to switch places, or words turn into other words. But I think outside the box. Like thirty miles from the box. So there you go. Some reasons why being dyslexic is not all that bad. The reason its a gift is because it makes us think outside the box, we have to work differently because we are different. We run on a different system. The reason its a cures is it makes some things harder than they should be. Sometimes people look at dyslexia and all they see is a curse, a reason to tease and be mean. They don't see the gift part, and sometimes the gift part is held back by the curse. That happened to me. Don't let the curse part stop you. Only focus on the gift part. It will make things a whole lot easier.
I am dyslexic and I totally approve this message.