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Thursday, October 6, 2011

More conversations.

So I thought the wierd conversations were so funny I was going to make another page devote to weird conversations. Here we go!
Morgan: (Darth Vader voice) Daddy, I am your daughter!
Daddy: No, Its Not true!
Morgfan: It is true!
Daddy: NOOOOOO!!!!!!!
(end of conversation)
Morgan: Bri! you spilled milk on my hair brush!
Bri:(laughing)No I spilled milk on your hair brush.
Morgan: that's what I said.
Bri: well it was an acident.
Morgan: (thumping bri with brush) You spilled milk on my hair brush!
Bri: Have we not already distinguished that?
(end of conversation)
Nephi: Hi Morgan
Bri: Nephi, my name is Bri not Morgan.
Nephi: Right. Bri.
Kathy: No thats Morgan.
Nephi: Right. Morgan.
(end of conversation)
Bri: I need a weird conversation!
JJ: No!
Bri: But I need a weird conversation.
JJ: No!
Bri: JJ I need a weird conversation!
JJ: Well Here's One.
(end of conversation)
Some times I wonder why we have such weird conversations.
 Well that's all for now, by Bri!

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