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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My nose hates me.

I have a sinus infection. My throat feels dry all the time, my ears are stuffy, my nose is stuffy, my head hurts, and my stomach isn't thrilled either. My cousin is driving me nuts, Belle keeps yelling about shoes. Morgan went to horse lessons, JJ is teaching Jake, and Jake is doing school. Tonight I have rehearsal again. and I have to make dinner. What am I going to make? I wish this stupid sinus infection would just go away!!!!!  Blech.

My sister is quoting people. So I guess I will to. "You cant have another peach until you blow down that house." "don't put that in your mouth, it's been in your sisters belly button" "you are not my cousin, JJ is my first cousin, Morgan is my second cousin, You are just my third cousin." "boys have peanuts, girls have peaholes" "I desperately want my hat" "I was talking to my eraser" "do you know were the brain section is?" wow that was fun, bye Bri.

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  1. I was not trying to talk to my eraser, it asked me a question and I answered!!!!!!!