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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My biggest pet peeves.

I have a lot of pet peeves. here are just a few of my biggest ones.

1) I hate cooking. I hate ovens, no I am scared of ovens. I don't like cutting things, I don't like mixing things, I don't like being hot, I don't like being splattered with red spaghetti sauce. I really don't like figuring out what I am going to make. Its so confusing, like I need this and this and this for this meal, oh wait, I don't have this so I cant make that. GRRRRRR!!!!!!! I don't like cooking. Why cant Morgan make the food? She likes to cook! I know when I am an adult I will have to cook food for my self, but that will be so much easier when it just me. Then I will just eat a lot of ramen noodle soup and spaghetti (the only things I will afford in collage) oh, and cereal and tuna fish, yum! (skip jack and ahi only)

2)  I also don't like people who wine at me. I mean I'm not going to do what you want if you sound all whiny and grumpy. I would probably do the opposite of what you said. That's why I don't like whiny adults, you cant really say no to them, because there adults.

3) I don't like people who think they are all that. Come on, it's just a matter of time before they find out that the world doesn't revolve around them.

5) I don't like the mean girl up the street. She once called my sister something that means donkey, except she didn't mean it that way. She T.P.-ed our friends house, and get this she's only 12! She is also convinced I am an idiot. Someone needs to slap some sense into that girl (and I would be happy to do it)

6) I don't like people who think every one should be "normal" listen up people: Normal doesn't exist. so stop trying to be "normal" just be you!

7) I don't like politics. but then again who does?

So these are my biggest pet peeves. By Bri, Oh and don't be a peeve (what ever a peeve is)


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  2. Bri also does not like it when JJ talks in 3rd person:)