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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Anti-stickman, the sequal.

We are very anti stickman. My sister has been making drawings of dead stickman. She is for anti stickman. I am for anti anti stickman. My mom has a shirt that has stickmen running from zombie stickmen. My dad made anti anti stickmen a name S.A.A.S.M, Society Against Anti StickMan. Poor poor stickmen. Morgan drew a stickman with an arrow through him. Then she drew a stickman choking another stickman. Morgan is not nice to stickmen. Now she drew a stickman stabbing a stickman in the throat. Next she will be drawing bubble animals being mean to stickmen. she dew a horse trampling a stickman. poor stickman. I hope she doesn't make stick wolves ripping the stickmens throats out. That would be anti wolf to. Now she electrocuted a stickman! She is not nice to poor stickmen! Now she made a stick man vampire being turned to ashes in the sun. I am sad for the poor soulless vampire stickman. Bye Bri.

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