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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Strange things are a foot at Papa's house.

I guess the world is getting ready for Halloween, because to day was super creepy. So it's art day, and we went down the road to papa's house. There was a lady walking down the street with a trash bag. I figured she was taking out the trash and her trash can had blown away, our planter did the same thing, no big deal. So we got to papa's house and we were waiting for the Neighbors to get there, and when they did Andie said "Papa, there is someone sitting in front of your mail box" we all looked out thew window and sure enough, there was the lady with the trash bag sitting in front of the mail box. She was reading a magazine. Papa called the sheriff and he came to talk to her. Well not ten minutes latter, our aunt who lives next door to papa, called him and said that someone had walked in front of her window. Papa lives out in the country, so people don't just walk in front of your window. After that, we saw a dog the size of a horse! Big white dog, romping around in the neighbors yard. If you didn't know any better you might have thought it was a polar bear. Man, freaky.

  Seriously, to day was like something out of a detective show on TV. So peculiar. I wonder what those people were doing. Really creepy. JJ and Morgan said today must be creepy day. I have the night of from baby sitting, and I almost wish I didn't, thats how creepy it's been. Jake has a doctor's appointment. Lot's of other creepy stuff has happened. Like one day the lights went out in the middle of the day for no reason. some times weird noises happen in our house for no reason,(or a feline one) Once the door opened all by it's self. Maybe our house is haunted! (This is me rolling my eyes at myself) Well thats enough creepiness for today. Bye Bri!

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