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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Silence is golden, but Duct Tape is silver.

Duct tape is used everyday. We use it in our cars, homes, work, and every were else. Strange things have been made using duct tape. Purses, flowers, aprons, wallets, boats, even bridges. but how much do we actually know about this useful stuff? Well, lets learn about duck tape.

The history
Duct tape was first used in World War 2. it was used to keep water out of ammo containers. because it was water resistant, it was nicknamed "duck tape". the solders soon figured out how versatile the stuff was, and used it for every thing. From fixing guns, to fixing jeeps and airplanes. After the war the tape was used in the housing business. It was mostly used in the heating and cooling ducts, earning it the name "duct tape".  originally army green, the tape became silver gray to match the ducts it was fixing. Around that time people officially started calling it Duct tape. during the 1970s a company came up with the idea to shrink wrap the rolls, as they had a tendencies to stick to each other in stores. a few years later duct tape started to come in many colors, instead of the normal silver gray. duct tape now comes in every thing from tie dye, to army cameo, to Mizzou team colors.

Modern use
Duct tape is exteremily popular. there are books about it, TV shows dedicated to it, and lots and lots of articles about the sticky tape. the duct tape guys, Jim Berg and Tim Nyberg, have written over seven books about it, and have come up with multiple phrases such as "It ain't broke, it lacks Duct tape". some other phrases about duct tape also include, "duct tape is like the force, it has a light side and a dark side, and it binds the universe together." and "silence is golden, but duct tape is silver." Duct tape has been called the rednecks tool kit, as some people use it instead of tools. some TV shows about duct tape include the discovery channel "Mythbusters" witch prove or disprove urban myths and legends. they have had two episodes dedicated to the legendary tape. they have proved it can hold up a person, hold up a car, can fix a canon, can make a canon, can fix a boat, and can make a boat, there is discsionn of a possible third episode for duct tape in the 2012 season.

The art of duct tape.
Duct tape is used for strange things. These I call the art of duct tape. Duct tape is sometimes used as a treatment for warts, used as bandages(my dad used it to hold my face together after my dog hit me with a tree), it has been proven to work better at protecting Apple gadgets than Apples many products, often duct tape company's will give scholarships to the person who can make the most stylish prom wear out of duct tape. lots of people have made duct tape art. Sculptures made of duct tape are very popular. purses made of duct tape have been sold on E bay, along with wallets, flowers, bow ties, hair clips, aprons, and many other things made from duct tape.

So now we know about duct tape. Its versatile stuff. I personally have made lots of things from duct tape, so guess  I am a duct tape artist. Duct tape is very useful, as I have said. I wonder what other things you could make with duct tape. I am excited to know that Mythbusters might have a new episode about duct tape.  I hope you enjoyed my essay about duct tape.  I had fun righting about duct tape. What will you make with duct tape?
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