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Monday, October 10, 2011


Why do people not like wolves? The hunters don't like them because they eat the deer and elk. The ranchers don't like them because they think they kill there livestock. Well news flash people. The wolves take out the weak elk and deer, so that you can have a better trophy. The wolves take out the coyotes who kill 25% of livestock, were as wolves are a minuscule 1%. In my opinion that is a very good reason wolves should be brought back to Missouri. They are bringing the elk back, why not the wolves? Then the bears and pronghorns might comeback to. We kicked them out from superstition, fear of there marvelous song. But now how often is the cries you here in the moon light of rural Missouri, wolves? None. Its just coyotes and local dogs. We need wolves. They regulate deer, and elk who eat all our trees. They kill of coyotes who kill our live stock. When wolves were brought back to Yellowstone national park they had to guard the wolves at all times because they were getting assassination threats. On the wolves! That is ridiculous. Why are we so superstitious of these majestic canines? They are the sisters to our beloved dogs. I believe we need to understand them better. They are a lot like us. They live in family packs with the mom and dad as leaders. They hunt for food as we did. They are loyal to their family. We are like wolves, and that is part of the problem.

Because we hunt like they do we see them as competition. Predators take out competition. We need to see the symbiotic relationship we have with them. They take out the weak prey for us to have the better, stronger animal. They protect us and our livestock from the coyotes. They are our friends and we don't even realize it. they are wild and free and beautiful. I think we are jealous. We are jealous of there freedom, so we take it. We are jealous of there wildness so we take the wild. We are jealous of there strength, their beauty and their love. So we take it. We take all we can from them, but they still are our friends. They still hunt the weak. They still kill the coyotes. They still bless us with their song. For once I think we should give back what is theirs. Let them come back to the land they claimed before the colonists, when the Native Americans knew they were friends. I am going to bring the wolves back to Missouri, and you cant stop me.

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