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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How to be Jack Sparrow for Halloween.

 Jack Sparrow is awesome. For Halloween this year I am going as Jack sparrow, yeah yeah, not creative enough for Bri, who is extermily skilled in the creativity department. Well how about this, I am a girl going as Jack Sparrow.  So ha. Here is how to be a Jack Sparrow impostor. You will need- a wig or long hair, beads, pirate booty, string, a belt or two, a sash, a white garb shirt, tiger-tog pants, some boots, a sword, LOTS of jewelry, and a hat, don't forget the hat. Also some eye liner and a little eye shadow. And maybe a little fake blood.

 First, put on the shirt and pants. Then you put on the makeup. (I don't need to talk you through this. Just match a picture) Next put the sash like a belt across your waist. Get the belt, and strap it across your waist, sorry chest.  So now what you need to do is get the wig(or your hair) and braid it with beads, string, and various other pirate booty items. Put the sword in your sash, oh I forgot to mention a toy gun, and the toy gun ;) on your belt strapped across your chest. Now decorate your self with LOTS of jewelery, (your a pirate, it's got to happen) now I  bet you are wondering about the fake blood. Cause you got it out now what are you supposed to do with it. Well if you have seen the newest movie you will notice the little X mark on the side of Jack's face (were did it come from? It wasn't in the last movie). That is what the fake blood is for. Get a paint brush and draw an X on your cheek.  That is how to be Jack Sparrow. Of course, I am going to add things for my costume so it will be even cooler, but you will have to come up with your own, because I am keeping those a secret.

OK I have Googled why Jack has the X scar, and the reason is, Johnny Depp wanted it there. The reason in the movie? No one knows. The reasons range from, some pirate fight to lord Voldemort. Some people believe it will come up in the next movie, but thats not all that has changer about my favorite pirate. But for now it is a mystery. Bri!

PS Ack! I completely forgot the mustache and beard! OK you will also need a fake mustache and beard. Slap em' on or you could use a magic marker. your choice. Just be sure to have a mustache and a beard, you cant be Jack Sparrow with out a mustache and a beard, duh!