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Monday, October 24, 2011

Fun stuff to do at Wal-Mart.

OK, I just like to do silly thing. So here are some fun stuff to do at Wal-Mart. just because you have to be there to shop, doesn't mean you cant have fun, just ask a parent first. If you are 16 or older, it doesn't really matter.

1. Flash mob. zombies, pop stars, Lady Gaga, go dress up and dance and sing. I have done this twice. I dressed up a bunch of gymnasts as zombies and we went to Wal-Mart. then they danced to Thriller. My sisster wanted to do this for her birthday.
2. Hide in the clothes rack. This one is fun, although I haven't done it since I was six. For even more fun say "pick me" every time some one comes to look at clothes.
3. Two words. Sword fight, wrapping paper. OK that was four words, but you get the picture. Challenge the passerby's to a duel. See how many people you can get to fight you.
4. Talk to random people. See what kind of conversation you can make. Maybe you can make some new friends.
5. Wear a funny costume. Wear a Halloween costume to Wal-Mart. In June. this is sure to turn some heads. see how many people you can freak out. I once wore a shoulder puppet to red robins. and the AT&T store.
6. Sing loudly. This one needs no explanation.
7. Tell a worker some ridiculous fact.  When they say "thats not true" say "But the costumer is always right."
8. Ride the cart. Push it really hard and ride it. My dad does this all the time. It's fun.
9. Dart around like a spy. While you do so, sing that spy song. you know, the one that's in the background of all the spy TV shows.
10. Go to the produce aisle. When you get there, lecture the fruit on how to dominate the world. When some one comes by, glare and say to the veggies, "we will continue latter"
11. Grab a spatula or some thing. Then go up to some random person and tell them the world relies on it. Hand it to them and walk away quickly.
12. Randomly shout bible versus. (this is for you, Neg, Andie, and Music) Just shout them out.
13. Set all the alarms to go off in the aisle with alarm clocks. It will be funny when they go off randomly.
14. Protest protesting. I am not kidding. Make a sign and protest protesting.
15. Ask the cashier were the brain section is. This works best if you are dressed like a zombie.

So these are fun things to do at Wal-Mart. Just be careful not to get kicked out. have fun and if some one ask what you are doing, say its a school experiment on human reactions. they probably wont question after that. but make an actual report and maybe you'll get extra credit

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