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Thursday, October 13, 2011


 Today at art, papa said I am only supposed to draw wolves when I draw animals. so that way I learn one animals anatomy at a time. So I am very happy because i get to just draw wolves, along with my weekly thumbnails. This will not only help my art, it will help my zoology to! so hurray for art.

  It's Falls birthday today. She is eight I think. we are going to spend the night at her house tomorrow. then we will have a party on Saturday with family and friends. we got her... wait, what if Fall is reading this? Never mind I won't tell you what we got her! Ha!  Take that people who try to find out what they are getting for there birth day! Although I don't have any room to complain seeing as I already know what I am getting for my birth day and I ain't tellin'.

 Sunday we are going to ren fest. I might (emphasis on might) get to meet my favorite artist, Ruth Thompson. I hope she's there, or else I will have to Email her. What fun is that I ask you!? I need to interview her for my report. I will be the only person in the class to interview their artist. I am so excited. The neighbors are going to have a new brother soon. He will be called Beaver. I think, yeah I'm pretty sure its Beaver. Well thats all, bye! Bri!


  1. HEEEEEEEELLLLLLLOOOOOO!!! I found you! HAHAHA! May I link to you on my blog? :)

  2. Hiya!!

    - one of your friends...
    MUSIC!!! :D

  3. Umm I guess you can, does that mean people from your blog can see my blog? I'm fine with that.