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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Can zombies be dyslexic?

So I was Googleing  famous dyslexic people, and what came up? Dyslexic zombies. Can a zombie even be dyslexic? According to Google, dyslexic zombies try to eat Brian's instead of brains. I don't think thats very nice to dyslexic people or zombies or Brian's. But I guess if we ever had a dyslexic zombie Apocalypse all we would have to do  was have all the Brian's names changed to Steve. Why Steve? Because it sounds nothing like brains. Then the zombies would die of starvation. Because, dyslexic or not, zombies ain't to bright. (Its there on purpose!) They might be craftier than your average zombie, but they wont be to bright. Why would someone come up with dyslexic zombies? Are they trying to imply that dyslexics are stupid? Because that is not at all nice. Some people are not nice at all.

I don't get the appeal of zombies. What is so cool about undead people who try to eat peoples brains? I think it is scary and dumb. I don't see why people like them. Do people just like scarring them selves silly? Well these are my thoughts on zombies. Bye, Bri!

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