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Monday, October 24, 2011

I now smell of kitty litter.

 Ugh. Do you remember a when I spilled perfume all over me? Well the smell finally died down, unfortunately, just after that I went collecting walnuts with my cousins. So then I smelled like walnuts. After that finally settled down I had to change the cat litter. So now I smell like cat litter. Maybe I should pour more perfume on  my self. At least that way I smell pleasant.

 I am excited for halloween. This year I am going as Captain Jack Sparrow.  I even got a hat. I am done going as funny animals. Last year I went as a female pirate who was not Elizabeth Swan. For some reason, every one thought I was Elizabeth Swan. Maybe I was Anne Bonny or Mary Read, did you ever think of that? Or perhaps I was just a girl pirate. So this year, to avoid confusion, I am going as Jack Sparrow. Yes, I am a girl. Girls can dress up like Jack Sparrow, too. It's Halloween, for goodness sake. I can go as what I want to be. I am going as Jack Sparrow.

  To day I feel crappy. My dog kept me up all night, my noes is stuffy, my throat hurts, my head hurts, my ears hurt, and my stomach hurts. I have like drainage or something. My dad said "Don't have strep throat" very helpful, dad. I hope I don't have to sing at rehearsal to night. Because it hurts to talk loudly. I can talk quietly, but loud hurts. Blech.  Well bye Bri.

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