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Friday, October 7, 2011

Exotic pets, should we try to domesticate the wild?

 Haven't you every wanted a little fox as a pet? What about a monkey as a companion? Why shouldn't we have monkey's and chimps and wild foxes as pets? Well there are consequences to having a pet that should belong in the wild or a zoo. For one thing, What the heck do you feed it? Were do you take it to the vet? Can you train it to use a litter box or to go out side or use the toilet? These are just some of the problems exotic pet keepers face along with the physical danger you can put your self in. here are some reasons you should think long and hard about buying that cute little monkey.

 Every one has heard about chicken pox, but monkey pox? It sounds like a lame excuse of a hooky student, yet oddly enough its true! There is such a thing as monkey pox. It is usually found in rodents but it can make the jump to primates, and ultimately, people. It is closely related to smallpox although some what milder. It was thought that the small pox vaccine would keep you safe from monkey pox it did not, but it did cause the case to be much milder. In 2003 93 people were infected with monkey pox, 53 of them had prairie dogs as pets. The rest had come into contact with an infected animal.

 Last year a 13 year old chimp named "Sue" ran rampant in Kansas city. She was loose for 40 minutes in which she smashed windows, opened car doors, and dragged a trash can down a street. She was captured  and her owner found and finned. The owner had chained her to a tree and left to get lunch before her escape. He was charged with having an exotic pet with in city limits and feeding a chimpanzee Taco Bell. Police commented that she was exteremily angry and more dangerous than an armed suspect. One officer said she was the biggest animal he ever saw. Sue now lives in the Kansas city zoo.

 We may not be able to turn wild animals into pets quickly but can we with selective breeding over time? An experiment in Russia confirmed that through selective breeding they have turned foxes into a domestic animal with fox DNA. The experiment started in the 40s. The scientist wanted to figure out how we domesticated wolves into such a variety of dogs. So they collected many different silver foxes and selectively breed them to be nice. It worked. The foxes now are like dogs with the traits of a fox. (and unfortunately, the smell) They also bred  different, vicious foxes. The mean foxes were breed to be, well mean. After over 50 years the foxes are completely domestic or anti domestic. The experiment has even seen color and tail length variations in the foxes after so long being breed like this. The pups have been shown to have floppy ears that stay versus floppy ears that go away within a week. The scientists are working to get permits to sell the extra domestic  foxes as pets.

I believe that yes, over time we can domesticate wild animals to be pets. But at the moment only trained zoologists and geneticist should attempt this. We, who are the public, should leave this to the professionals. Who knows what other diseases we could release by having a Bengal tiger in our basement? What danger we could put our loved ones in with having a pet wolf? What havoc we could have from keeping a chimp or monkey? I cant stress this enough, DO NOT TRY TO DOMESTICATE THE WILD UNLESS YOU ARE A TRAINED PROFESSIONAL! All you will cause is disaster.  This is what I think, and have looked at both sides and made my decision. I don't want to force you to a conclusion but closely consider both sides of the issue and decide for your self. I hope you make the right decision. I am Bri and I approve this message.
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Go to www.aspca.org/adoption/adoption-tips/exotic-animals.aspx for more on the issue.