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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Return of the iPad apps

The weird iPad apps are back by popular demand!(Not really I just like funny apps) so I went and found even more weird apps and now you can read about wacky iPad apps for no price! so here they are:
1, Funny call. It changes your voice so when you call people as a prank they cant tell its you, supposedly. (Only compatible with iPhone)
2, Ginger Both. Take a picture of your self and this app will turn you in to a red head. Comes complete with pale skin and freckles. (I bet red heads don't like it)
3, Ask Vader. Ask the sith lord Darth Vader any thing you want and he will answer (im)patiently or he will not answer you.
4, Sleep Talk. OK I seriously need this app. This app will record every thing you say will you are asleep. Then if you think they are funny enough, it will send them to your Facebook page at the press of a button.
5, Pick up lines. It's an app full of pick up lines for men. Most of them are really stupid and won't work(sorry guys)
6, Mouth off.  this app Will let you put a fake mouth over your own. The fake mouth will move as fast as your own mouth will.
7, Ageing both. shows what you will possibly look like when you are older.
And those are the weird iPad and iPod and other iStuff apps you can get. some are on my dads iPad. Well I hope you enjoyed my app post. Bye, Bri!

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