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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ren Fest, again.

Yes I went back. This time I got a pet Griffin. But I need a name for it. So on the bottom of my page I have a poll with multiple Latin names. I need you to vote which one is the best, and you can pick multiple (please only pick two or three) It is a blue and white griffin. I haven't decided if it's a he or a she yet, that will depend on the name. So please vote. Now I will tell you about my day at Ren Fest.
 It started out with dust. I was walking to the opening gate, and the wind blew. Being ren fest and covered in dust, some dust got in my eye. It stayed there. It felt like someone had given my eye a paper cut. I tried not to rub it but it was really hard. I rubbed a little. I cried some and it didn't come out. We tried to wash it out with water in the bathroom, but it refused to come out. we hoped it would come out soon, so we went to look at the griffin pet shop. I found one I wanted and we went to pay for it.  My eye was hurting really bad, so the lady at the store with the griffins suggested I go and see the first aid. She said she would keep the griffin I wanted for me to come back.

 The people at the first aid looked at my eye, and couldn't see it. What had happened was it had gotten stuck under my lower eye lid, the reason why it didn't come out. so they washed my eye with eye wash and the dust came loose. it hurt less so we went back to the griffin pet store to get my griffin. I got my griffin and we went to watch the gypsies dance under the May Pole. After that we went to get lunch. While we waited for lunch, I blinked and the dust finally got out of my eye. I felt so much better.  We ate our lunch, A roast beef sandwich for me and daddy, chicken and chips for mama and Morgan, Pizza for JJ and Afriend and then went looking for Ruth Thompson.

When we got to the Tarnished Images Store, we found out Ruth Thompson wasn't there for unforeseen reasons. So I will have to email her. We went to the Juggler show. Daddy got called up as a volunteer and help a rope for the Juggler, Bob, to stand on. Bob proceeded to juggle torches that were on fire. Luckily none of them landed on my dad. After that we wandered the shops, looked at sharp pointy things, and watched people  talk in funny accents. Later in the day we went to a competition for masks. Daddy won third place for Mama's Phoenix mask. We all felt done for the day so left and went out for dinner.

We had Red Robins (Yum) for dinner. While we ordered I had my griffin on my shoulder. Some people asked of it was real, some asked were I got it, and some just looked at me funny. I thought it was funny. we ate dinner and went to the AT&T store to look at phones for Mama. People there looked at my griffin funny also. Then we took Afriend home. Her parents thought my Griffin was battery powered, but we showed them it was Bri powered. They thought it was funny. then we went home and that is were I am now.

So I need a name for my pet griffin. So Please vote at the pole at the bottom of the page. I would love to know which one you like so vote! Thanks for reading, bye Bri!

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