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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Return of the skate boarder.

 I haven't skate boarded in forever! I made my skate board jump though. It jumped about two inches of the ground. I wish our street was flatter, then I could skate with out going to fast. I tried to smack my self with my skate board. I was trying to do a manual and I fell of. The board flew up and tried to smack me. It was interesting. 

I might not get to interview Ruth thompson like I had planed. Instead of meeting her at the ren fest I might have to email her. we were going to go back the week she will be there, but because of daddy's work we might have to go this week instead. I hope she will respond. Papa says she will because it's a big ego buster to have some one interview you for a school project. By the way, Ruth Thompson is my favorite artist (next to Papa) so i chose her for my art project. My dad, mom, and uncle all worked for her for a year. she is really cool. I'm going to put my report on here once it's finished.

Today was art. I made a cup and what looks like a dip bowl/ash tray.  I'm going to go with dip bowl. JJ made a pinch pot and bowl. Morgan made a Cookie plate, a cup, and a salt shaker(how?) Jake made a pizza and a snake. last week i made a bunch of things for the neighbors. For Neg I made a German shepherd head to put on the wall, for Annidbelle I made a frog paper weight, for Daboy a king cobra, for Music  I made a cow(kinda) and for Bunny I made a Bunny.(These are fake names!)
 Well that's all for now, bye Bri!

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