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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Book Review: The Son of Neptune- Rick Riordan, Rated-PG

**WARNING: The Son of Neptune is a sequel, there may be spoilers in this review, please read The Lost Hero before if you don't like spoilers. If you don't care, proceed**

Percy is confused. He has spent the last month trying to get to camp Jupiter. now he's there he thinks he's in the wrong place. he needs to find Annabeth, the only person he remembers from his past. He meets two people who want to help him at this camp, but also several people who want him dead. He and his friends, Frank and Hazel, have discovered something horrible has happened.  The doors of death have opened, and the only god who can fix it is missing. So Percy, Frank, and Hazel must go on a quest to save the god of death, and pretty much the rest of the world.

I loved this book! it's really funny and fast paced, I just love the characters. I think its nice that the characters are dyslexic and ADHD, showing people who have these disorders we can do great things to. I would suggest this book to people with dyslexia (no matter how big the book is) and ADHD(no matter how unfocused) because it will help with the dyslexia and ADHD to read a big book. Some people think that because its about Greek gods and goddesses it  not a good book, well thats incorrect. it is a great book, and its not very gory. All the monsters turn to dust when they die, and so do some of the people.

There are bad things though, as I said it is not christian, but is still a wonderful book. Some of the hummer is potty hummer. There are some pretty scary scenes, but they get over quickly. But thats all really when it comes to the bad. Some of the monsters and humans "reform" when they die, so that can be a little gruesome.

now recap time, the book is awesome! some scary things, death and monsters. Not all that much blood every thing vaporizes when they die. I would suggest to dyslexic and ADHD people, people who like adventure, and people who like mythology. The book is very educational when it comes to mythology, so home schooled people, good book for mythology class. I rate it PG for some scary images, potty hummer, violence, and death. I hope you enjoyed this review, go read the book! Thanks Bri!

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