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Monday, October 3, 2011

Ren Fest, Rocks!

Yesterday I went to the Renaissances festival. I got a necklace that had a glass bottle and a little wolf charm on it. It came with free perfume. I picked a flowery smelling one called Wolves Blood. when I got home I was sitting on the couch when I stretched. After I stretched it smelled really flowery right were I was sitting. Everyone could smell it. It occurred to me my hand was wet. I looked down and saw it was covered in perfume! The cap on my necklace had caught  on my other necklace and popped of. I went to wash it of and the smell wouldn't come out. I now smell like Wolves Blood perfume.

It was really fun at the Renaissance festival.  We had lots of good food; turkey legs, bread bowl soup, pickles, and cinnamon roasted nuts. We watched shows, road rides, talked my sister in to entering a Jack Sparrow look-alike contest(she actually got 2nd place! Against two guys who seriously looked like Jack Sparrow!), and of course we went shopping :) I love the renaissance festival! although sadly Ruth Thompson wasn't there, so I couldn't interview her. We might go again on the weekend she will be there though, but I got the paintings I wanted! It was so much fun! Well bye, Bri!

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