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Monday, October 31, 2011


Today is Halloween. I can't wait to put on my costume and trick-or-treat. Our party will be so much fun. We decorated with stuffed animals and paper. I put up a bunch of crows all over the place. Jake is going to be a transformer, Belle is going to be a fairy in training.
 This is the last year I am aloud to trick or treat for candy. I'm Ok with that. I wonder what I will be next year. We are going to go riding on papa's trailer around town because of all the little kids. I kind of wish it could just be the older kids, and not the little ones. Like every one 8 and up. Then we could just focus on fun, not making sure all the little kids got candy. Halloween isn't about the candy, it's about dressing up in fun costumes and scaring each other silly. You can't really do that when you have to watch a bunch of kids six and under. You can't even do any ghost storys because the little kids will get all scared. I hope that after the little kids get done we can all the older kids can go out like last year. Last year while we rode the trailer we sang Christmas carols. It was quiet fun. Last year i will come up with a better costume, although I will have to watch little people and not do anything exciting, :( Bleh.

My dad got make up at six thirty to make him look like a zombie. I guess I shouldn't complain because I told him to get me up. I will be zombify-ing like, 4 people, and doing doing makeup for Elit, myself, and Belle. she fell and scratched her face so her mom asked me to put a little makeup on her face to cover it up. My mom is going to take pictures after the little kids take a nap. Just wondering, do you think I should do the jack sparrow walk? I think I might, I am one to embarrass my self. Well bye Bri!

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