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Monday, October 10, 2011

Ocean and Moon, a poetic discription

The Ocean is liquid silver under a full Moon. The metallic waves lap at the sand leaving butterfly shells in their wake. The sand is soft under my toes. As the wave run over my feet, the sand around me dissipates into the sea. The Moon is full and bright, the clarity is amazing. The Ocean is dark blue with silver tongues. They move and shift, always different. In the darkness of the abyss are creatures unimaginably alien. But I stay were the Moon lights the sea in blue-silver flames. I look in the distance, but only see blackness blending with blackness. It is hard to tell were the sea ends and the sky starts. I love this place, always different. Never the same. It will always be here, yet never exactly. I look again at the Ocean I know I will never see again. This one exactly. My first view of the Ocean and the Moon.