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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Random things I've learned from T.V

People say that you don't learn anything from TV. They are wrong. Here are random things I've learned from TV.

 The average speed at which a human can swing a glass bottle is 34 miles per hour.
Bees are very strong, but because of how their wings work, they cant lift a computer.
If you burn a piano it doesn't explode (What if you freeze it?)
Most stupid "as seen on TV" things are only $19.99.
They have officially run out of toys to turn into movies.
Putting your face next to a vacuum cleaner will end in a bloody lip.
Everyone makes mistakes.
The human brain's consistency is the same as J-ello.
Over-thinking can result in disaster.
Some times, just blow stuff up.
Failure is always an option.
Never, ever, compromise safety.
Sponge-Bob Square Pants is proven to cause memory loss.
Some people need to watch their language.
Mythbusters disagree with cannibalism.
Clothes do make the man, nakedness is often looked down upon in society(Mark Twain)
So see, you can learn stuff from the TV. Bye Bri!

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