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Monday, October 17, 2011

I love my griffin!

I still haven't decided on a name but in the poll, the name Ferea is winning. Good that was one of the best of the five names my other favorite was Mystica . It didn't scare the cat like I thought it would. I am going to take it to Rehearsal tonight to see if anyone notices it. I bet they will. I like Latin names because of their meaning. Also Latin is really cool!
 Sometimes I feel like there is nothing going on around here. But then I realize there is always something going on around here. Once something has happened, I just have to wait for the next exciting thing to happen. I just keep going from goal to goal. What would life be like if there was nothing to look forward to? I mean we would just wait and wait and wait for nothing. That would be sooo boring. What would you do? What would you think about? I would hate to be in a world were all you did was think. Life is for doing, not thinking about doing. I think everyone go for their dream, and let nothing stop them. Don't let math, or a boy, or anything get in your way. It's your life, use it.

Look around you, what can you fix about this world? Take a good look. Some day the kids will become in charge of the world, we should try to do things no one else has ever dreamed of. We will too. We will come up with things no one has ever thought of, we will make better versions of the stuff we have now. We can change the world, and we will. It's your choice if its for better or worse.

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