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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Yo, Was' up?

Hey I'm at home with Black Spirit and Elit, they say hi. I am excited for Halloween I, as you know, am going as Jack Sparrow. Morgan  is going as a zombie, JJ is going as a Fairy, Black Spirit is going as (maybe) a zombie, Elit is going as something. Black is asking me questions about my dolls, I enjoy tying them up and gagging barbies, and he wants to switch the gag from one doll to the other. I have them how I want them, thank you very much.
I wonder what to do now. I went sword fighting with Elit but he ran away screaming (He says he didn't but don't listen to him) He's crazy (Ha I said it!) Now he agrees with me. Black say's Hi. That's it. Now he's gone back to playing with my dolls. Elit is now laughing. Now Black is reading my blog. He is now protesting to my stateing that he was playing with the dolls. But he was. Fall wants to know what's with the doll's i sent to the hangman. I need to go though because Fall wants to climb the tree. Bye Bri!

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