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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


OK I give up. For art I need to find a picture of a wolves body structure, you know, muscles, bones, posture, that kind of stuff. I cant find this anywhere on the internet, I need this soon because my teacher keeps getting on to me about it. What I really need is a book about the anatomy of canines and birds and cats, well really all animals. If you could point me to a web site or give me the name of a book with that kind of thing in it, that would be really helpful. Thanks and if I finish a picture that actually looks like a wolf I will post a picture (No stealing! MY PICTURE!) Yes I know what you are saying "But Bri, why don't you just go to the library?" I know, I am going tomorrow. The problem with library book is, I have to give them back. What I need though is something I can keep on my shelf or pull up on my computer in a moments notice. Please give me some suggestions! Bri

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