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Monday, October 10, 2011

my opinion.

Some people disagree with my opinions, well that is just fine. I just want people to listen to my opinion and be open minded. Make your own decisions, don't let others choose for you. I chose to believe in God, I chose to believe in small scale evolution, I chose to be me. I have made my decision about the exotic pets, if proof comes up that proves my ideas incorrect I will look at the facts and decide again. But it will be my decision. I don't want to be a person who only lets others decide what I think and how I act. Its my life and I chose to take it to the most I can use it because I only get one shot here and then I go one way or the other. I want to use  my life for god and I want to use my life to show that just because I am a zoologist I am a christian too. People don't need to decide between God and science. That's one choice I don't need to make. I don't need others to tell me who to be, all I need is God and my heart. I am me. I am who I am and I will NEVER change that.
Don't be people, be a person.
I am Bri and that's final. You cant make me change, because I am weird and I am PROUD OF IT! I am a person. I will decide who I am and I will decide where I am going with my life. You are individual! Use it! You are creative! Use it! You are you! So go into the world and prove it. I don't need popular people to tell me who to be. Stand up to the popular people. Show them you are a individual. And they wont bother you if you look proud of that fact. A person is smart, but people are stupid.

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