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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Why total animal rights people are wierd.

Yeah, animals should be treated like animals. That's what they are, not that we shouldn't treat them with respect. God made animals to be people's servants and companions. They can also be used for food and inspiration. Some animals were made for food purposes, like chicken and pigs, some for close, like sheep and cows, some for inspiration, like wolves and leopards, and some for work, like dogs and cats. The animal rights people are right we should treat them better, but they aren't people. Some people don't think that animals can think, but I think they can. What god gave us above them is the ability to create, to imagine. I don't think animals can create or imagine. But they can definitely feel. I can see that they can. You think a dog isn't scared of a master who beats? You think a cat can't hate a tormentor? You don't think an elephant will not take revenge for a wrong doing by a human? They can feel, they can feel it all. Pain, love, fear, hatred, grief, longing. They can feel. You just don't see it.

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