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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What's 'napping' got to do with it??

They call it kidnapping, but does the kidnapper ever nap? or what if the person being kidnapped is an adult? Is it adult napping? my mom does that sometimes and it does not involve stealing another person, just sleeping in the middle of the day. What if you stole a cat? Then you would be accused of cat napping! or a dog, dog napping? What the heck does napping have to do with kidnapping?

 Yesterday I got this hat, it's like an aviator's hat, with fake fur on the rim. I was wearing it to the rehearsal along  with my new coat, and want to know what my dad told me? That I looked like a Russian. then when I asked Morgie's friend, and she told me I didn't look like a Russian, I looked like a Canadian. The hat wasn't even made in Russia or Canadia, so if anything I look like a Chinese person.

 Did I ever tell you the story of Pedestria? Ok so for a class at Co-Op I had to make up my own Country and my country I called Pedestria. The teacher asked me why I chose that word. My answer? Everyone there is a Pedestrian. Well, I told Neg and we started to play a game, we were the king and queens of Pedestria, and we had to keep the evil Drivers from Pedestria. Also the Bicyclists. When they moved we made a new Pedestria, and now we play, The Adventures of New Pedestria! 

 I have a new baby cousin, her name is Cake's. She was born on Sunday, It's pretty exciting. I don't know what to say now. Well bye Bri!

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