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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Watching Iron Man with Cookie.

Me and my friend Cookie are watching Iron man, it was the seen were Iron man was making his suit and she yelled "Hey look, he has two arms!" then she laughed and said that she meant he had two arm stabilizer thingies. It was quite funny. As i have said before Cookie has a tendency to say very strange things during movies. now she's looking at Tony Stark's figure. I have know idea why. We are having a grand old time.

 Now she wants to know if he get's tired of the oven :) also she said he was a bird. "oh he's like who, Iron man! "hey Look! He has two Arms!!. (now I'm just saying what ever she says) Awwsome! oh he has a robot voice, I want a robot voice!! he's gonna have to clean his suit, do you think he can get it dry cleaned? So was that a yes or a no on the dry cleaning. Can people get dry cleaned? Wear's the part with the birds? He's like dude thats me I'm trying to be nice don't shoot me!! Are these my weapons, are you using them against me?! With the man! I've been hit with the man! curly cues, he fly's in curly cues. The US army is hiding, under there beds, from the boogie monster.  What happens if he gets fat and doesn't fit in his suit? This is so entertaining. Bye Bri!

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