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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

super randomness.

I got to go to TKD last night. Finnaly. I did some pretty kicks for someone whoes been gone for so long. My dad says i should blog before i do my writing for NaNo. I just have to write something. so I'll tell you about whats been happening.
 so we went to the neighbors house, and we had a skit, I already told you that. Oh! here something funny! ok so last night I was talking to daddy about NaNo and how behind I am. I said "I need to write 50,000 words by tomorrow to catch up!" he said "wow, get writing" then I said "No, 5,000 not 50,000" he said "that make much more sense. I'm at like 21,000 some odd words. I need twenty nine thousand words to finish. I need to get two half way by to night. I might take my computer and work at rehearsal. I siriously need to catch up.

  So JJ was trying to come up with something to make a report for her blog. I said "write about the next thing you hear on the radio" so we listen and the next thing we hear is "Da Da Da!" the song was don't stop believing by Glee. she did not do a report on Da Da Da! she did her report on Thanksgiving.

 I might get to have a friend over on Friday, on Thursday or well early Friday, I'm going to see Braking Dawn at midnight. My mom said her friend was going to try to get us tickets to see it, but if it doesn't work out we'll go on Friday. I'm excited. i hope we will see the trailer for The Hunger Games. I already saw the trailer on the internet yesterday, but it will be more exciting to see in theaters.I already have some  friends who are going to come with me to see it. I am so excited to see it. The trailer was exciting.
  Well i think thats long enough to get my writingness prepared. Gotta go Bri!


  1. Mohahahaha!!!! It is I Bri I am on JJ's computer right now so ha!

  2. You meanie!!!! This is JJ Bri was suppose to have been reading my book not putting comments on her own blog.

  3. LOL, I love these little sibling exchanges. We see a lot of those on our family facebook page :)
    --Kitty's Person

  4. lol...we do that too...lol.


  5. Yeah. Still mad at her so now she might not get to read the rest of my book ~ squiggle hehe:)

  6. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ squiggle!!!!!!