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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I have a little light, I hold it high and proud.
I protect my little light, I keep it safe and sound.
but people all around would like to bring me down.
They do not understand, why I hold it in my hand.
they want to kill my light, and end my faithful life.
My light can light a new one, just for you,
But the people all around, don't see the good my light can do.

It will light up all the darknes
It will throw away your fear
It can show you every mountain,
or keep you safe right down here.
My Light can feed the hungery
My Light can give you life
My Light will show you freedom
My Light will end your long strife.
My light is a promise, that Jesus has saved me
I only have one question, I ask, do you believe?

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