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Friday, November 4, 2011

Book Reiview: Matched-Ally Condie. Rated PG

 Imagine a world were everything is chosen for you. Who you marry, what you will read, what job you will have, were you live, even when you will die. That is how the Society is, and seventeen year old Cassia has always excepted this. She is excited to be matched with her future  husband. As part of the ceremony, she receives a silver box with information on her Match. The next day, when she looks at the information, and see's the wrong face. She tells only her grandfather, who is to die the next day, what happened. As a last gift to Cassia, he gives her illegal poems, that tell her to fight. Now she must chose if she will fight for her freedom, because she's falling in love with someone who is not her match.

  I really loved this book. It really makes you think about your freedom. I loved the poems in the book. One of the things the society did was destroy all poems, art, books, and music, except 100 of each. I think that is a good show of how you can't really see how much you love something until its gone. I liked that this book was pretty clean. No drinking, no inappropriate things, not much death. some other things I liked were the characters. They have story's you learn through the book.

  There's a little swearing, but like lots of books, you never read them. There is a bit of blood,  but nothing compared to The Hunger Games. There is death, but you only experience one first hand. I don't remember if they used God's name in vain, but I think it happened once or twice. There are drugs, another thing the Society did was give everyone three pills. A green one, to calm you down, a blue one, to keep you alive, and a red one, I won't tell you what it does because thats part of the story. At one point a girl has an anxiety attack and must take a green pill. People take red pills, I'm not telling what they do. One person get's kidnapped in the middle of the night.

  It is a good book, even with all of that. The message is don't give in. Ask questions, make your own decisions.  I think a good age to read this book would be twelve or thirteen. Yes I know I rated it PG, but it is still a mature book, so think twice before letting your ten year old read it. I would recommend this book to people who like romance, revolution, and mystery. This has been my review, Bri!

Rated PG: Death, drugs, kidnapping, mature topics, poisoning, and implied swearing.

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