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Monday, November 21, 2011

I am ENTP.

I am an entp. I took a Myers Briggs personality test, and it turns out I am basically a clone of my dad (who would have guessed?) My symbolic name is Inventor. I was reading about what entp's do and stuff like that, and I found in those words, my dad. I also found in those words, me. I read that they like to play devils advocate (my dad) they like to argue (both) like to play with toys (both) that we are clever (my dad, possibly me) good at solving problems (my dad) I read that the best way to speak to an entp is, don't play games (they'll win) don't show rank (they'll put you in your place) don't apologize (you'll undermine your self) just go up and say "I need to speak with you"

 I was reading the list of famous ENTP's and you know what? They included Bugs bunny, Garfield the cat, and Wile E. coyote. how do you figure out what personality a cartoon charicter has? how? and I don't think While E coyote is an entp, he is exteremily stupid. If I were him I would have caught that road runner by now. How do you figure such thing out? My dad thinks that they have a psychologist come watch the movie and decide based on the actions of the character. I think it's slightly ridiculous. JJ is an ENFP, Cookie is an ENFP, mama is an INFJ, and daddy is an ENTP. morgie is still trying to figure out how to do this. Bye Bri

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