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Sunday, November 6, 2011

how well do you know Bri?

How well do you know Bri? Here we go, take the quiz! See how well you know the awesome, creative, animal loving, spider fearing, musical girl!
1, What is Bri's favorite animal? A. Wolves B. Cat's, C. Okapis. 
2, Who is Bri's favorite artist? A. Ruth Thompson. B. Pink C. her Papa.
3. What is Bri's favorite book? A. The hunger games. B. Anne of green gables. C. Percy Jackson
4. Who is Bri's best friend? A. Neg B. Mo, c. afriend
5. What is Bri's favorite song? A. Drifting, Plumb, B. Bust a Move, Glee, C. Defying Gravity, Wicked.
6. What is Bri's favorite TV show? A. Psych, B. Bob the Builder, C. Wizard's of Waverly Place.
7. What is Bri's favorite movie? A. Iron man, B. Cinderella, C. Pirates of the Caribbean.
Mostly A's. You know Bri! You are very good at paying attention to my posts!
Mostly B's. You absolutely, positively do NOT pay attention to my posts. Do you even read them? That is just sad.
Mostly C's. You sorta know Bri, I mean I like that stuff, but not as much as the A stuff. Pay more attention when you read.
Thanks for taking my quiz! Comment  what you got on my post. Thanks, Bri!

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