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Friday, November 25, 2011

Did that really just happen?

My thanks giving was an interesting one, that's for sure. For one thing after dinner, Morgie, Fall, Nephi, and Amon were all playing hide and seek. it was Nephi's turn to go and so because he's little Morgie stepped over by the table and covered her face with her hands. Nephi got done counting and said "Here I come!" he then ran strait past her and  went up the stairs, all while calling her name. Kelcy turned to me, her face thoroughly shocked and said "Did that really just happen?" My mom suggested that we all cover our faces and see if he notices us. we did and he came back down stairs, looked at us and then said "I found you Morgie!" then he went back up stairs to look for his brother. Every one started laughing.

Another funny thing that happened was, we were all outside playing X men, and Noah had pretty much just insulted every single one of the X men. We all ran into the prairie and we stopped for a moment. We pretended that Gambit was chasing us and I said "look there are people with glowing purple cards running after us." what I meant to say was "look there's a person with glowing purple cards coming after us. JJ turned to me and asked, sarcastically, "how many people with glowing purple cards do you know?" My reply was "that is a long story" Then we all cracked up about it. It was pretty funny.

well i think that was the funniest things that happened yesterday. although there are plenty of other funny things, but you wouldn't get it cause you weren't there. Most if it involving various things we all said about random marvel characters, such as: Don't faint! Oh, he fainted. Well that's an extreme way to climb a tree. Wait if he can't use his powers, why is he still blue and fuzzy?  No, I sold out ma' kind fo' a lota cash, der iz a difference. (sorry, that one doesn't have as much effect if it doesn't have an accent.) well bye Bri!

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