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Monday, November 28, 2011

I am very boerd.

It's Monday. (very observant of me, right?) I have to wait three whole days 'till my birth day! Also that's opening night for Scrooge too. FA RA RA RA, RA RA RA RA!!! Well that was random. : / I don't know what to do,  I need to go find all my make up, I hate makeup. I'm allergic and it make my face all weird. I smell like soap. Yes I know very random, as I have said before. I just re read this post It is very strange, mostly because it's just so random. shmegle fergle gurgle. I don't know what to do. I watched x men 2 yesterday. I haven't seen it since I was like, seven. It was good. I only remembered bit's and pieces from the last time I watched them. But now I remember nearly the whole thing. There was a lot more swearing than I remembered. Oh well, It was still good. I want to watch the new one, but not unless there is some one else who will watch it with me who will say when the bad parts are. Now I am less bored
 What to do, what to do... Oh I heard about this girl who insulted the governer of Missouri, right to his face! Well she didn't really insult him, more like she expressed her displeasure with him. Then she insulted him on twitter. She said that he sucked because he stopped funding art programs. The principle of her school found out and said she had to write the governor an apology letter. The girl won't! I think that is awsome. She ought to stand up for her self. She didn't do anything wrong, we have the right of speech, why is she in trouble?  She shouldn't have to apologize for what she thinks is right. I say you go girl, were ever you are!  And you know what, if he stopped funding Art, I totally agree with her. He does suck. Big time.
. Well bye Bri! (oh by the way, Obama sucks too)

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