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Monday, November 14, 2011

Darn I forgot the movie.

I forgot to bring Soul Surfer with me to the halls house. we still had fun though. we cuddled with kitties. we watched Kung Fu Panda. we had popcorn for dinner, we woke up at six o,clock in the morning. Neg was really angry she got up after Music woke her up, then she came back into the girls dorm, glared at me, and went back to bed. She was not happy. Music was in charge of waking us up, and she is not gental. She yelled in my ear. On our way to church, we saw a bunch of cows that looked dead, because they were all lying on their sides. it was fun though. Neg was coming up with weird names for dog's. Our skit was funny, but partially because Music forgot her lines in the middle. 

The little people aren't coming to our house anymore. it's really quiet hear. But I can go to my room in the afternoons, and not have to be quite. I need to figure out how to use clip board. Not the one in the house the one on the computer. I need to clip board stuff. I also need to scate board, but that can wait till after lunch. I can actualy go TKD to day. Yay! i am so out of practice. I am going to suck. but I need it. toi nigh will be busy. I have TKD, then Rehearsal, then I  have to go home and maybe make dinner. I need to go now because I need to do math, Bye Bri!


  1. You need to learn to use a clip board!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  2. LOL! I did NOT yell in your ear, I wispered, I tryed to be gentle but you wouldent wake up! lol...oops...yeah...sorry about the lines or...oh well.
    -Music PS
    JJ, did I yell to wake her up?
    and don't be sarcastic... :D

  3. I don't know I was down stairs waiting for you, but I never herd screaming only neg getting mad.