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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A ghost story, made randomly by Me.

Once there was a little girl, who lived in a spooky, isolated area. she liked dogs and was terrified of spiders. there was a local ledgond about a man who was attacked by dogs and died, fifty years latter. The ghost had a grudge against dogs.
The ghost needed to be summoned for him to reek havoc on dogs. the way to summon the ghost was, jump up and down twice, scream at your mirror, and throw a shoe at the same mirror not necessarily in that order. Now back to the little girl. So the little girl had to go to a play and was putting makeup on for her performance. On the mirror was a big, black, hairy, SPIDER! The girl jumped screamed, jumped up and down and threw her shoes at the spider on the mirror. Unfortunately she was completely unaware this would end in a dog hating ghost coming to seek revenge on her dogs. the ghost aperared and the girl screamed some more. The ghost screamed to, mostly because the girls dog had followed her to the bathroom. the ghost said to the girl "you have dogs! I must SMACK them!" the girl replied with "If you smack my dogs I will report you to the ASPCA" the ghost didn't really care about the ASPCA, being a ghost and all. He went on smacking the dog. the girl thought for a moment and realized she did know the story of the dog hating ghost of Secluded, Creepy Area (that was the name of the town) and she knew how to UN-summon the ghost. she had to do the same thing she did to summon the ghost. so she went to the bathroom and jumped up and down twice, screamed at the mirror, and threw a shoe. the ghost immediately diapered. the girl then went on doing her makeup for her play. Amazingly, she was there early. And she lived happily ever after, The End.

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