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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

my cousin is a computer?

so lat night we found out what our cousins name is. Her name is Adele. when my sisters heard her name they thought our mom said "a dell" as in the computer. My sister's thought she was named after a computer. My dad told me and I thought he meant the singer. we were terribly confused. but she has a name! we were very excited to find out her name.
 thanks giving is tomorrow. my birthday will be in a week!! I can't wait. today we made little crafts with for thanksgiving and one of them was a wood coloring set. I had the pilgrims, JJ had the native Americans, and Morgan had the scare crows. I made them OK at first  then my girl's eyes were weird so I colored part of them in with brown, then I colored the boys eyes all the way brown. I wanted them to match so I grabbed the brown and colored in the rest of her eyes. Only it wasn't the brown. It was the black. so now my girl pilgrim is a red haired, freckled zombie pilgrim. that's accurate isn't it?  JJ's Native American boy is a lepechan. she gave him green clothes and red hair. So he's a leprechaun. Morgans scare crows look wierd too. Her girl looks like a vampire and the boy loks like a clown with a blood nose. the reason he has a bloody nose is that when she made him she gave him a red nose and then it got swiped at by the cat, who then made it run down the wood. So our thanks giving set is a super natural one. That's more exciting anyway.

I made a turkey who had a hole in his head, so i made him a NaNo turkey. I stuck a pen in the hole and made a Writer turkey. JJ's is super turkey. When it has a pony tail holder on its head it's a mild mannered turkey but when the hair band comes off, It's Super Turkey!!! exciting right? It's like Super man and his security identity, (glasses on) Clark Kent (glasses off) Superman! (glasses on) Clark Kent (glasses off) Superman!! Morgan's is a mentally confused turkey. Mama's is Bob the turkey. I must go now because my cat is trying to eat my Russian-Canadian-Chinese hat , Bye Bri!!

 PS. My sister just suggested that in my book my characters should be attacked by the band Vocal Point. Do you agree with this statement?  OK here's how it happened.
I was writing my story and I needed something to attack my characters. I called over to JJ. "quick give me a person or group to attack my characters" she then says "Banana! oh wait that's not a person" I said "no it's not, I need a person or group to attack my charicters"  she then says "um... Vocal Point?" should I do it or not? Give me your feed back!