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Thursday, November 17, 2011

frozen dog water.

ok that is not what it sounds like. Their drinking water froze, not, well, you know. Jj and to dump out the frozen stuff, and then refill the bucket. this would have been no problem, but the hose froze. so she had to manually bring water to the buckets from inside. i helped her. then i had to feed the dogs while Jj tried to unfreeze the hose. it was quite an exciting day.

I am going to see Breaking Dawn prat one at midnight. I'm so excited. I'm wearing my werewolf shirt and every thing. I'm going to bring my team Jacob water bottle, my friend is upset because she doesn't get to go. Her mom is going but she can't, because it's a school night. She was very unhappy when I told her I was going. This is one of the many reasons I am so lucky to have my mom as my teacher. I saw a commercial for it. I hope to see the commercial for The Hunger Games at the theater. My mom came down stairs while I was doing school work and said "OK this is going to mess up your entire day." then she takes my computer, and puts on the commercial for The Hunger Games, I was very excited.

tomorrow my friend is coming over to my house. She's going to spend the night, after Rehearsal. I think we should watch Iron Man, because she's never seen it before. Plus it's fun to watch movies with her because she makes up really weird diolouge. We were watching Iron Man 2 on my iPod and it was the scene were the Whiplash guy is trying to kill Tony Stark at the race car thingy, and she said for Tony Stark, "I thought you were my friend!" then later when Tony Stark and the Black Widow were talking, she said "would you like a cookie? I have an oven in my chest" then she made the Black Widow say "I don't like cookies" then she made Tony Stark say "Well I can make cake to" it was very funny. Bye Bri!

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