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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Jake's Tiger Report.

Do you remember my cousin Jake? Well we made a report on tigers. It was hilarious. I am going to put it here.

 Tigers are cats. Tigers are orange and white and black. They have sharp claws and teeth. They also have wiskers. They are one of the most endangered animals. Some tigers are white. They are called siberean tigers. There are 200 siberean tigers left in the wild. Some people shoot tigers for fur (What do they do with the fur Bri?) 1''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''popo

//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////(Cat! What did she make it say Bri?) Tigers are very strong.        Vbgfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
(GRRRRR! Bad cat!) Tigers live in Asia. Tigers like to eat other animals. (What is this? It's a Gila monster. Oh I've never seen a Gila monster before, but I've seen a fly) Tigers sometimes eat people (what?! why do they do that? thats why we can't go in the tiger cage at the zoo because they will eat you.) Tigers only attack people when they don't have food. Siberian tigers are sometimes called Amur tigers. (why are they called that Bri?) Zoo tigers are often bigger than not zoo tigers. (what does this tell you Jake? That the bigger tigers don't get killed) A boy tiger can be ten feet long. (wow) tigers have orange eyes. tigers have stripes. (Bri, I don't know anything else about tigers. That's OK I have more books) Every tiger is a little different. Some don't have stripes on their face. Some tigers eat other tigers (No they don't, they aren't cannibals. Whats a cannibal? Never mind.) When they have baby's they are even little, just like the Lion King.

 The mother cat gets food. (Jake thats completely out of context) When a baby tiger is two years old they are grown-ups. (What about people are they grown ups when we are two? no we have to wait till we are eighteen) They like to eat deer and pigs. (I know a lot about tigers. A lot a lot a lot)Some tigers live bye themselves, and some live in groups. Some birds eat reptiles birds and fish (Jake I said tigers not birds, please pay attention) Some people help tigers.

 Jake is now done with his report. thank you for reading it (Bri can i see what Mia made it say?) *sigh* The End. (Made by Bri and Jake, with help from the cat, Mia.) *************************************.// Jig================(Thank you for proving my point, Dumb cat)

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