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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A couple of reasons, you might be home schooled.

My friend put a list like this on her blog so I am making one too. Here we go.

1. when people are incorrect about something, you correct them  automatically, even if you are incorrect too.
2. you are very very good at on subject in particular because you love and adore it.
3. you and you father(or other family member) have random debates about not so random things.
4. you have a lot of free time. which you fill in studying.
6. you hate spell check, but you also love it.
7. you actually enjoy learning and being wrong.
8. you don't like swearing, instead using random Latin words.
9. you don't like people talking in third person.
10. people want to know what grade you are in and you can't answer them.
11. when you go to wal mart people think you are playing hooky.
12. people are amazed and/or frightened by your vocabulary.
13 you are very intelligent you just have issues. like dyslexia or ADD or ADHD or that kind of thing.
14. you and your siblings and cousins randomly spout quotes from movies and TV shows, some of which you have never seen.
15. you read, a lot!
16. you are constantly at the library.
17. music is part of you life. A big part I might add.
16. you know lots and lots of random trivia.
18. you are probably smarter than the average bear.
19. people think you are weird, and you thank them.
20. you are called a geek and you tell people what a geek really is. ( Geek- a carnival performer who bit the heads of live chickens)

 so you see, these are some resons you may be home schooled. Bye Bri!

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