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Saturday, November 12, 2011


AHHHHH!!!!! My mom is taking pictures today, and there are to many people in my house!!!! I had to go through heck to get my computer cord. my house is full of gymnasts, moms, and my dads math tutor, along with my Aunt Kitty. way to many people. The Neighbors are coming over to take us to there house. I might get to take Soul Surfer with us. I think that will be really cool to watch with them.

  my iPod was almost dead, so  had to get the charger from down stairs. I really need to work on my story, but I don't know what to make happen. I need some weird thing to happen to make it exciting. I already made the bag guy's hair purple. It just turned purple randomly. My story started out serious, but it was just to boring, making it serious.  I made there a random fire, made every time my bad guy's name be said, lightning and thunder struck, made my characters talk in rhyme for a bit. I need to do something even better than that. my word count needs to fly.  well by Bri!

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