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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Thank You

Today I attended the RT book convention. I met Veronica Roth, Richelle Mead, Carrie Ryan, Rachel Vincent, Cynthia Hand, S.R. Johannes, Heather Brewer, Myra McEntire, and several other authors. I got to meet them, and they signed my books. and I said Thank You.
But when I said thank you, I said it for more than just signing my paperback. I was thanking them all they have given me. The lives they have let me live. For writing. I was thanking them for writing.
I almost started crying.
These people, they are my idols. You may idolize singers, actors, sports figures or others. I idolize authors. These are people that I have dreamed of meeting for as long as I have read their books.
and no matter how many times I said thank you, I couldn't exactly convey how much this meant to me, the fact that they write, that they make these beautiful stories that let me escape, that make me feel like I'm not alone in the world. They have given me more friends than I can count. They have made me laugh, and cry, and smile, and want to punch fictional people in their faces. They have given me so much, and I can't even tell them how important it all is to me.
Every time I read a new book, it feels so real to me, that these are real people, living their real lives. and It's not till I get done with the book that it hits me. This was written by someone. Someone stayed up for days on end to write this. Someone slaved over this for months. Someone went back, and rewrote it over and over and over. Someone found people to read it, getting over their own fears of rejection. Someone made these people, invented this world. Someone gave them life. And that's why I idolize them.
They write these beautiful, playful, funny, dark, amazing, light, happy, depressing, romantic, terrifying, epic, piercing, thought provoking, historical, creepy, sweet, wild, incredible, ridiculous, stories.
That's what hit me today, when I met them. That they are real people, not just names on the cover of a book, not just pictures on the back of a hardcovers jacket. they are real, and they wrote this.
 and it made me almost cry. Because it was just so awesome. In the literal sense of the term. It struck me with awe.
So Thank you all the authors out there, all of you who write these books, that make the worlds, that give us our escapes.
You are my heroes. 
Bri π

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  1. Unfortunately, all my favorite authors are dead... :'( It is amazing to think of them as real people. They really walked and talked and had problems. Annie