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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Subconscious Injuries.

So, as usual, I had a wacky dream. I don't remember much, just that I was doing something, shopping I think, and all of the sudden someone shot me three times. It was quite startling, because, when shopping, one does not expect to be shot at, although in this society, they ought to. Anyway, so I was being shot at, and it was just so bizarre, because I was thinking about how, people always say that gunshot wounds hurt, but mine didn't. So I decided to go take out my shooter. I ran in the direction of my attacker, and I saw the back of their head, and then I was being tackled by my mother. She started freaking out and shaking me because I was shot and bleeding,  I said, "you don't shake the mortally wounded person. It really doesn't help"
Then I woke up sleeping on the completely other side of the bed than I went to sleep on.
Yup, my subconscious is rather entertaining, and also somewhat scary and morbid.
In other news, our air conditioning is back on the fritz. But today, someone is coming to fix it, I plan to hide in my room, as I often do when people I don't know come to the house.
Oh! I'm finally got done with story boarding!! Now, I just need to write script, then re story board. And about five million other things. 
I need to go now, as I must clean my room, do school, and other sundry things. 
Bri π

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