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Friday, May 10, 2013

Steampunkery and Other Sundry Things.

So, how about a post where I'm not half asleep and delirious, eh?
So, recently on instagram, people have been talking about how, if spiders could talk, they would be less afraid of them, and that it would be interesting to talk to them. My conversation with a spider would probably go somting like this
Me: Ladedadeda, just going about my daily buisness and stu- OMG SPIDER!!! DIE ARACHNID!!!!!
Spider: Woah! Hey wai- *squish*
Yup. I don't take kindly to spiders, not even taking ones. Actually, especially not talking ones. I mean, we all know what happened to Harry and Ron.
In other news, I got a bunch of awesome cool stuff for my room, wich shall be steampunk in a couple of months!!  I was squealing in delight at several of these items, playing with various buttons, switches, and doda's. Oh it was glorious.  Here are some pics of what I got.
Isn't this just gorgeous?! Pure brass, perfect glass, so happy with this!!

This, if you can't tell, is part of an old fashioned movie projector (I think)

More movie projector parts and a film splicer

This is the Film Splicer

the Projector

the wheely thingies, I don't know what they're called

The side of the wheely thingie

Box of odds and ends :)

Pantry sword!

So this evening, as we where eating, JJ kept interupting Morgan, trying to be funny. JJ was yelling random things, and combined a couple of sentences in her haste and ended up saying "Pantry sword"
Of course, being the people we are, I  grabbed one of our handy dandy swords (we have several of them, and we  keep them all over the house) and stuck it in the Pantry.
My mom walked over, saw what I was doing and said "No" she then removed the sword from the inside of the pantry, closed the pantry doors, then stuck the sword in the door handles.
And thus, the Pantry Sword.
Thanks for reading!
Bri π

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  1. Didn't expect your mom saying "no" to end with a sword stuck in the pantry door handles. ^_^ That whole paragraph would be completely outrageous for anyone else's family! Love it. Annie